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Address Printers

Our Address Printers don’t just print addresses, they can also print attention lines, postal barcodes, and permit indicia. In addition to everything else we have printers that can custom print whole envelopes. We have a full line of address printers to support your needs.

Discover the FP range of Address Printers

The EDGE Print Series
The EDGE Print Series

With the FP EDGE, effortlessly print marketing messages and vibrant designs that grab the attention of your recipients at a very low cost per print.

AJ-5000 Address Printer


The AJ-5000 is an entry-level inkjet address printer and has the ability to print in brilliant, full-process color.

AJ-500 Address Printer


The AJ-500 has a fixed-head and is an entry-level inkjet address printer.

AJ-1000 Address Printer


The FP AJ-1000 is versatile due to its feed system that has three rows of high grip rollers and the capacity for materials up to 1/4“ thick.

AJ 2650/2800 Address Printer

AJ 2650/2800

Print graphics, logos, and barcodes at up to 600 dpi with the AJ-2650, a six-head printer, and the AJ-2800, an eight-head printer.

AJ 3600/3800 Address Printer

AJ 3600/3800

Print addresses, in addition to attention lines, postal barcodes, return addresses, and permit indicia – this complete selection provides the
flexibility you need to cost-effectively boost productivity and enhance image quality.