Francotyp-Postalia mailing systems come equipped for instant access to the TELESET Data Center. The TELESET Data Center is the easiest and fastest automated meter resetting system available today. The design capabilities of the center allow a company to better manage their postage meter or meters within the office by providing:

  • Restricted and Unrestricted Reset Amounts available
  • Tracking Reports of postage use Statement Reports (proof of purchase)
  • Master Teleset Account for multiple meters
  • Three step postage refill method
  • Postage payment plans, Two easy methods of payments:
    • Prepay by sending a cheque (All FP Postage Meters Give Low Postage Warnings)
    • Auto Debit (Postage on Demand with no Additional Service Fee)

Auto debit allows a customer to access their postage meter account 24 hours, 7 days a week to purchase postage when needed (similar to a debit card transaction).

Every meter is assigned with a unique serial number and securely links to your postage account using the latest CPC, ECDSA incryption, upon customers request, a detailed statement of your teleset transaction can be found on emailed for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions

TELESET Data Centre is a dedicated Department whose sole function is to ensure that you are able to successfully download postage to your FP postage meter. This service enables automated and secure postage resetting by modem on LAN connection, directly from your postage meter. We have knowledgeable operators available during business hours and provide 24-hour access to postage.

Q. How does the TELESET postage account work?

A.  When your TELESET account was set-up, you selected one of two account options:
    1. DIRECT DEBIT, where postage funds downloaded into your meter are automatically debited from your bank account.
    2. PRE-DEPOSIT, where you must submit a deposit of funds into your TELESET postage account prior to the TELESET download procedure.

Q. If I’m using PRE-DEPOSIT, how do I deposit funds into my TELESET Postage Account?

A.  Submit your cheque, payable to FP TELESET as follows:

Please note that all deposits must include your full CIN (Customer Identification Number). If you do not know your CIN, please call the TELESET Centre at (800) 354-9374.

Q. Is it possible to change my TELESET account over to DIRECT DEBIT?

A.    Yes. Fill out the PAD form and send to

Q. Is my TELESET postage account related to my FP equipment rental account?

A.    No. Your TELESET account is a separate account used for postage downloading only.

If you are on PRE-DEPOSIT, make sure to send your cheque (payable to FP TELESET) as described above. Equipment rental remittances, or other payments must be payable to Francotyp-Postalia at:
Francotyp-Postalia Canada Inc.,
82 Corstate Avenue,
Concord ON L4K 4X2

TELESET Centre at (800) 354 – 9374 or email us for a fast reply!

Pre Authorized Debit Form (PAD)

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