Effective January 14, 2019, Canada Post will introduce changes. These changes are important to ensure that your mail is posted accurately, guaranteeing a smooth mail flow. The instructions on how to update your meter are on the link below.

For complete information pertaining to the affected rates, please visit the Canada Post website or call 1-800-267-1177.

Rate update process for your postage meter

Through its computerized intelligence, your Francotyp-Postalia postage meter will download the new postal rates as part of the normal Teleset postage download process.

As we approach the rate change implementation date, your postage meter may prompt you to make periodic connections to our server by requesting a TELESET transaction, even if you do not require postage. Some Optimail 30 models may also display the messages “Postage low” or “Security device has incorrect state”.

When prompted, run the Teleset procedure as you normally would; you may either download postage or perform a zero dollar download if you do not require postage for the time being. Prior to running TELESET, check your descending register to determine the balance available in your meter.

To receive the new rates, your meter must complete a successful Teleset connection prior to the rate implementation date. The new rates are available on our server now.

For step-by-step instructions on performing TELESET click here and select your model. (Note that the model name appears near the meter display window).

During the rate download process, your postage meter will require a longer than normal connection to the TELESET server of up to 6 minutes. Once the rates are downloaded into your meter, it will automatically activate on the rate implementation date.

For further information or inquiries, please click here to visit the Rate Change FAQ and content feedback page.

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