Interested in a simple way to save money and increase productivity? FP mailroom software expands the efficiency and capabilities of your mailing processes, including postal accounting, reporting, rate shopping, and mail machine interfacing & control.

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MailOne (Coming Soon)

MailOne is advanced software for our PostBase postage meters. It greatly expands the machine’s operational and reporting capabilities. Best of all, it gives PostBase customers access to Canada Post Parcel Services.

  • Compatible with FP PostBase postage meter.
  • Get CPC discounted rates
  • Process CPC confirmation services.
  • Print all-in-one shipping labels.
  • Run comprehensive accounting and postage cost reports.
  • Import-Ready Address Book
  • CPC tracking barcode

Navigator & Navigator Plus

Navigator & Navigator Plus

Navigator comes standard with FP PostBase postage meters. Upgrade to Navigator Plus for enhanced reporting capabilities.

  • Compatible with FP PostBase postage meters
  • Manage users, departmental accounts, meter settings and operation
  • Run accounting and postage cost reports (NAVIGATOR PLUS only)


Powerful mailing software automates preparation, processing, and production of mailing to large recipient lists. You’ll increase mailroom efficiency, deliverability, and utilize all available mailing discounts.

  • Automatic address verification and correction
  • Certified postal presorting
  • Integrated move update
  • List cleaning
  • Compliant with high-speed address printers
  • SERP certified


  • Professional postage-cost management: Data collection, analysis and management software for optimal postage-cost.
  • Reports: Can be quickly drafted, printed or transferred to Excel® or other database formats
  • Multi-carrier capable.- Not available in Canada

Mailreport offers the ability to track and evaluate mailings and charges from different mail delivery services or cost-centres. This allows an independent assessment of all postage costs and services used.

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