FP Mailroom Furniture is ergonomically designed to meet every workers’ need.

Transform your mail center into an efficient, flexible, productive tour de force. Durable and modular furniture solutions provide a fit for all of your mailroom needs. Find out how we can customize a solution to match your budget, design and business requirements.

Your mailroom comes alive with the arrival of the mail. Worker know-how, mailroom furniture and how it is organized, dictate how long it will take for other mail related business activities to accelerate with the distribution of the mail. Whatever your needs, new, more functional furniture, for your current mailroom or a completely new mailroom system, Francotyp-Postalia has the experience, and the capability to satisfy your workers’ every need.
FP furniture solutions gives you the tools for maximum flexibility and efficiency of your mail and communications operations. FP offers a variety of custom furniture such as; meter tables with scale platforms, adjustable risers on tables, heavy duty tables with open or closed bottoms, sorters with transparent trays and backs to improve visibility and accuracy, and it’s all interchangeable and modular. FP furniture is a complete custom solution for mail processing and your general office operations.

Choose from one of the popular configurations or use our modular system to create a workstation that is right for you. Various sizes, colors and standard components are available. Custom fabrications upon request.

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