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FP Postage Meter Choices & Options

  • Track & report postage by cost centers or accounts with all FP mailing systems.
  • Available commercial-grade postal scales calculates Canada Post postage for you.
  • Easily update your mailing system with the latest CPC postal rates.

Why FP

  • Friendly & fair meter pricing options for a broad range of business mailing needs.
  • German engineered quality products.
  • Rest easy – you’re talking to the industry’s most amazing customer service and technical support from our Canadian headquarter in Concord, Ontario, Canada
  • FP is big and nimble enough to outperform our competition, but small enough to care about our customers.

Top Quality Mailing Machines, Meters & Systems

PostBase 30, 45 & 65

Mailing Machines by Francotyp

Mailing Machines

FP’s most flexible mailing system has a user-friendly touch screen and whisper-quiet operation, making it one of the easiest-to-operate, most appealing meters on the planet.

  • 30, 45 or 65 letters per minute
  • Semi-automatic or fully-automatic feed
  • 5-200 departmental accounts
  • Up to 35kg scale

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PostBase Mini

Post Base Mini

Introducing the FP PostBase Mini, the perfect compact mailing system for small businesses. Enjoy smooth, reliable postage imprinting at up to 17 letters per minute. You won’t find a quieter, simpler meter in its class. Learn how PostBase Mini can benefit you.

  • up to 17 letters per minute
  • Colour Touchscreen
  • 3 departmental accounts
  • 2kg scale

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OptiMail 30

Optimail 30

The OptiMail’s semi-auto feed provides more efficient mail processing for higher volume small offices.

  • 30 letters per minute
  • Semi-automatic feeding
  • 9 departmental accounts
  • 3kg scale

ultimail™ 120s

ultimail silver

The ultimail™ 120s is easy to use. It automatically processes up to 120 pieces per minute with a crisp print quality. Experience bottom-line benefits immediately with its ability to track up to 150 departmental accounts, giving you instant access to where postage dollars are being spent. The ultimail™ 120s is also IBIP- compliant, meeting all Canada Post standards for mail security.

  • Up to 100 DepartmentalAccounts
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Clean, Quiet Digital Operation
  • Automatic Date and Postage Correction Capabilities
  • Interfaces with Accounting and Mailing Software



For larger businesses and mailroom centers mailing thousands of pieces per month, CentorMail MAX is the only mailing system in its class that processes mail vertically like the U.S. Postal Service, allowing unparalleled flexibility, speed, and reliability.

  • Vertical mail processing
  • 120-150 letters per minute
  • Fully-automatic feed
  • 100-300 departmental accounts (unlimited with mail report software)
  • Dynamic scale (weigh in motion)

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