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Simple to operate : Everyone can use
Built-in scale of up to 7 kg : Cater to everyday needs
Interfaceable scale up to 35 kg : Excellent for parcels
Modularity : Can grow with your needs
VERY QUIET : Reduces fatigue
Touch screen : Easy access to all features
Cost account : Tracks users with high security
German-made : Reliable and dependable
Teleset : Postage download made easy

PostBase Postage Meter

PostBase is a new breed of postage meter raising the bar for simplicity, flexibility and good looks. Sporting an intuitive touch screen, smooth jam-free operation, “simple-sleek” appearance and scalable options. PostBase is a remarkably good fit for nearly any small-to-mid size business. Three available processing speeds and numerous accessories. You’ll find a PostBase configuration that not only meets your current needs but easily adapts to your business’s growth.

Demo Video

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FP Mailing Solutions is an international manufacturer of digital postage meters, mailing systems, software and related products to move your mail and parcels. As an innovator in the mailing industry, our German engineered products provide a full range of mail center solutions designed to create a seamless mailroom operation. No matter if you have a large mailroom or own a small business, FP Mailing Solutions has the tailored postage meter system for your needs.

Being a provider of postage meter equipment, FP prides itself on simplifying mailroom operations for its customers and providing industry leading customer service. With our direct corporate sales, service offices, and a growing network of authorized dealers, we will be glad to visit with you, review your mailing and shipping needs, and make sure you are getting the most optimized discounts.

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