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Introducing the FP PostBase 125. This total solution brings best-in-class mailing technology, smooth feeding and intuitive operation to your office environment. Learn how the PostBase 125 can benefit you.

Myfp Portal Software To Control Your Mailing System

Navigator Basic: Innovative and convenient operation of the PostBase from your PC keyboard or optional 23” all-in-one touchscreen PC.
Navigator Plus: Simple and secure recording of usage data, managing and analyzing accounts, and generating custom reports.


Easily navigate through the PostBase’s menu of choices: advertisements, class of mail, special services, and more.


Enabling the user to access:

  • Discounted CPC Parcel Rates
  • Bar-Code Tracking
  • Database Integration
  • Address Label Printer (Optional)
  • Easy to Use and Affordable


Hardware PostBase 125 PostBase 125 PLUS
Color touchscreen standard standard
Letter thickness up to 3/8" up to 3/8"
Label dispenser standard standard
Catch tray standard standard
Letters per minute up to 125 EPM up to 125 EPM
Brush auto feeder-sealer standard standard
Integrated scale 7 KG 7 KG
Differential weighing optional standard
Scale PC interface opt 10/20/30 KG opt 10/20/30 KG
High speed postage download (LAN) standard standard
Analog modem postage download option option
Ink cartridge 10ml and 42ml 10ml and 42ml
Low ink warning standard standard
Dimensions 48" (L) x 15.4" (W) x 11.8" (H) 48" (L) x 15.4" (W) x 11.8" (H)
Touch screen computer option option
Whisper quiet < 70db < 70db
Portal access standard standard
Navigator (PC control software) standard standard
Navigator Plus (PC control software) option standard
Cost accounts 50 standard option 100/250 250
Customizable advert up to 30 up to 30
Standard free advert standard standard
Customizable SMS text messages standard standard
Auto-remote CPC rate change standard standard
Teleset PAD standard standard
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FP Mailing Solutions is an international manufacturer of digital postage meters, mailing systems, software and related products to move your mail and parcels. As an innovator in the mailing industry, our German engineered products provide a full range of mail center solutions designed to create a seamless mailroom operation. No matter if you have a large mailroom or own a small business, FP Mailing Solutions has the tailored postage meter system for your needs.

Being a provider of postage meter equipment, FP prides itself on simplifying mailroom operations for its customers and providing industry leading customer service. With our direct corporate sales, service offices, and a growing network of authorized dealers, we will be glad to visit with you, review your mailing and shipping needs, and make sure you are getting the most optimized discounts.

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