Government Contracts and Products

The FP Government Program includes the selling, renting, leasing, and distribution of:

  • Mailing machines, systems, and related software
  • Mailing machines that automatically or manually feed and seal, postmark, meter, count, and stack letters
  • Mailing machines that print postage on pressure-sensitive tape for packages and bulky envelopes
  • Mail/parcel scales and weighing machines that are either electronic or mechanical, used for weighing and managing weighing/shipping information for packages and envelopes
  • Inserting machines that insert checks, bulletins, reports, cards, letters, etc., into envelopes and other related products
  • Envelope opener/extracting machines that completely and easily open envelopes and allow for easy removal of the envelope’s contents
  • Addressing machines that print addresses, attention lines, return addresses, etc., on (outgoing) mail
  • A host of ancillary services, related software, attachments, accessories, supplies, and solutions.
  • All products include directly related software accessories, attachments, and supplies

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