To maximize billing, law firms large and small need to accurately assign postage costs to the correct internal and client parties. Attorneys also need the ability to add appropriate surcharges and fees. FP MailOne software offers 3-tier postage accounting, letting you assign costs to specific clients, departments and content matter. You can also craft special handling and standard service fees to facilitate client chargebacks. Larger firms with sufficient volume for FP CenterMail and MailOne software will appreciate the integrated certified mail application and delivery notification.

FP postage meters have the flexibility, speed and durability to securely handle the wide range of letters and packages, from standard “number tens” to thick court and case documents and packages.

FP’s legal services customers use our products to improve processing for a variety of mailings, including:

  • Contracts
  • Court filings
  • Case evidence packages
  • Confidential client correspondence
  • Marketing, promotions and general customer communications
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