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Every envelope you send makes a first impression.
It tells a story about your business and what's 
inside the envelope. 
Make that story positive with an Envelope Advertisement. 

An Envelope Ad is a customized message, slogan, or graphic logo that can be leveraged through the use of a postage meter to enhance the professional image of your mail. Printed directly on the envelope, envelop advertisement is a cost effective way to reach associates, customers, and prospects with a high-impact message that generates business, differentiates your mail, and creates urgency.


Envelope Advertisement makes a great first impression:
        \B7          Instantly catches the recipients eye
        \B7          Create brand and/or Trademark recognition 
        \B7          Assigns urgency through tailored \91 
                 Catch-Phrases\92 and embossed \91Warnings\92

         \B7          Increase the effectiveness of promotional
                 mail drops 

         \B7          SAVES YOU MONEY - Forgo contracting 
                 expensive printing houses to affix return 
                 addresses to your envelops

Our graphic design department is enthusiastic to complete your request
         \B7          Reproduce an existing logo, return address, 
                  or catch phrase

or    Create a custom message to your specifications